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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

SUNDAY - 2/26/17

Sunday was a long good day as the church continued to celebrate 34years of pastor and people partnership between Bishop Richard D Sanders and the Mt Pilgrim Baptist Church. The day started out rough with the news of a falling soldier in our preaching and pastor community in the Los Angeles area that took everyone by surprise. Truly unexpected! Yet, in the midst of it all God was praised, the gospel preached, and seed of the gospel planted for a salvation response.

I had the privilege of sharing a message I believe would help our church see a bright tomorrow with a promise from God in Joshua chapter 3, sermon entitled, “Lord, Do It for Us One More Time”. The thesis of my message centered on God’s conversation with Joshua in verse 7; “The Lord said to Joshua, ‘Today, I will begin to exult you in the sight of all Israel, that they may know that, as I was with Moses, so I will be with you!” Here it is, “Tomorrow is bright church because God is still with us!” I couldn’t grind it out the way I wanted because of we were pressed for time. So, I gave the skeleton and sat down. I pray the church was helped with the message.

The fellas and I spent the rest of the afternoon with Bishop having lunch before 3:30pm service. Our time together is always a blessing. We talk about everything, not just preaching and pastoring, which I appreciate. So, we discussed basketball most of our time together, mainly about the Fakers aka Lakers….lol. Now that Magic is in the front office there is hope….I think.

The afternoon service was so much fun with Comedian Cizzle C and the anointing was in the building from start to finish. I love laughter so it was right up my alley and the service did not take all night. Great time!

The only challenge for me is that I don’t get a chance to relax and reflect much on great days like these. I have to come home and prepare for work the next day. Each week I have to transition from the sacred to secular and secular to the sacred (I will explain what this means in a later blog). Boy, oh boy, it took a pair pliers to get me out of bed Monday morning.

Entering into the last month of the 1st Quarter in my professional life has some good promises and promotions coming my way. I thank God for the opportunity to extend my professional expertise without spreading myself too thin. I have a wonderful team that takes much of the pressure off so I can focus on stabilizing another area of our business which fattens my resume greatly if successful. Keep me in prayer because to whom much is given much is required.

Until next time, Have a God blessing day!